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Hail & Dent Estimating Mobile App

DentMate is a mobile app built for Paintless Dent Repair professionals to assist with hail & dent estimating and invoicing. DentMate allows you to quickly create estimates and invoices anywhere on your android/apple mobile device. Whether you are a Hail Tech, Route Tech, or Panel Shop, DentMate covers the core functionality you need to deliver professional PDR Estimates for your business. DentMate AU is a version of the popular DentMate PDR mobile app that has been configured to meet the needs of Australian PDR techs.

Panel Shops

Bring a a new level of professionalism to your PDR business. Justify your quotes through consistent pricing and use add-ons to maximize your bottom line. Create accurate estimates or invoices quickly and send directly to your customer immediately via email or SMS. DentMate AU gives you access to all of your documents anytime right from your mobile device.

Route/Wholesale Techs

Quickly create wholesale estimates that you price by the the panel or by the vehicle. Save time by saving your dealerships as contacts so that you can quickly create statements and invoices. Wholesale estimates allow you to add multiple vehicles to an estiamte quickly, report notable conditions, and track paid/un-paid invoices.

Hail Techs

DentMate has a built-in pricing matrix to deliver accurate calculations quickly. Built-in R&R populated with the most common parts/panels, and the ability to add your own custom parts. One-click markup for add-ons like oversize dents, Aluminum Panels, Glue Pull and more.

Tech Management

Manage the work your techs complete by assigning work orders to your techs and tracking the invoices for the work they complete. You can add and remove techs from your account via the DentMate portal and you can ramp up your subscription to allow for my techs when the need arises.


Ditch the stacks of paper and start using DentMate AU to manage your invoices. Track paid and un-paid invoices, send invoices directly from you mobile device, create statements, and run reports to see your month to month income figures.


We understand that some users have the need to build their own matrix, so DentMate gives you the ability to customize every price in the application to fit your needs. You can also override any price and set your own rates. Add your own list of services, charge for paint time, add replacement parts, add your own report items, R&R rates, and much more.


Technology for PDR Professionals:

  • Easy-to-learn Interface
  • Splat diagrams for easy panel selection
  • Airprint/Wireless printing
  • Hail Damage Estimating
  • Dent/Crease Estimating
  • R&R / Replacement Pricing
  • Customizable Pricing Matrix
  • Contacts Lists
  • Attach photos to estimates
  • Single/Multi Vehicle estimates
  • Walk-the-lot Approvals
  • One-Click Addons (Glue Pull, HSS, etc)
  • VIN Scanning/Lookup
  • Upcharges for Glue Pull & Aluminium Panels
  • Price Overrides
  • Cloud Data Storage
  • Professional estimates w/your logo
  • Search/View previous estimates
  • Send as Estimate, Invoice, Statement, or Supplement
  • Manage Techs via online interface
  • Phone & Tablet support on iOS/Android

With many more features coming soon...

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